A new feature of the cloud-based AvAudit Audit Protocol allows the simple addition of a second auditor to help perform specific duties while auditing an operator’s compliance under the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO).

The recently added feature addresses a key request from auditors already using AvAudit to create, evaluate and audit corporate flight department safety management systems (SMS) for IS-BAO compliance.

“It’s become more common for primary auditors to request the services of a second auditor to perform certain sections of the audit,” explained AvAudit creator Phil Fountain. “They may choose to utilize a second auditor due to time or workload considerations, or their own relative lack of expertise in a specific area.”

In the past, the primary auditor would need to manually input the second auditor’s findings, either to AvAudit or directly to the Excel-based IS-BAO protocols spreadsheet issued by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). This new feature allows both auditors to utilize AvAudit’s intuitive, user-friendly interface that is both easier to understand and to navigate, and which clearly details each step of the certification process.

“To maintain the integrity and security of the audit, the administrator or primary auditor assigns credentials to the second auditor, allowing them only access to specific client record,” Fountain added. “Secure credentials and a dedicated shortcut file ensures the second auditor cannot see or interact with other audit records in the system.”

As with the primary auditor, the second auditor is required to have the FileMaker rapid application development tool installed on their computer. It is also recommended that they have a subscription to AvAudit and be familiar with the system; if additional auditors work for the same company, they can all work within the same AvAudit application.

More than 700 operators around the globe have earned certification under IS-BAO, which since 2002 has represented the gold standard for recommended best practices for business aviation flight departments. AvAudit helps mitigate the complexity of the IS-BAO review and approval process, ensuring a more complete audit.

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