Corporate flight departments, auditors and service providers conducting internal or external audits can now access a new software tool to streamline the processes for building, maintaining and auditing Safety Management Systems (SMS).

Developed by Fountain & Associates of Racine, Wis., the cloud-based iIS-BAO Audit Protocol software combines current 2015 standards set by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) protocol with audit requirements, related regulations and advisory circulars, operator-supplied cross-references, and audit-specific questions and findings to provide a comprehensive SMS documentation, audit and training tool.

“We’ve been working on the iIS-BAO software for more than four years, but it really reflects more than 30 years of corporate aviation and IS-BAO auditing experience,” said Phillip J. Fountain, a former corporate pilot and the current owner of Fountain and Associates. “Operators can use iIS-BAO to set up their SMS, train employees on the SMS, and provide cross-references to auditors, who then use the same application to conduct audits. The iIS-BAO software puts operators, operator service providers and auditors on the same page, really streamlining the process.”

In beta testing since July 2013, iIS-BAO was released for public access on April 6. iIS-BAO features include:

  • Modularized access to the current IS-BAO requirements plus related reference and guidance documents
  • Ability to include/exclude helicopter requirements
  • One-touch toggle showing all relevant standards or only new or changed requirements since last protocol cycle
  • Ability to incorporate and export operator-specific cross-references
  • Options to create audit questions for various company roles (president, chief pilot, director of maintenance, etc.)
  • Optional in-flight inspection section
  • Areas to enter comments on findings and analysis for each requirement
  • Automated aggregation of findings and PDF report generation

Available for Windows 7, Mac OS X and iOS (iPad) platforms, the iIS-BAO software saves each customer’s data on a secure cloud-based server, allowing access to the data from laptops, iPads

and desktop computers. All user information can be carried forward to the next protocol cycle, reducing the time it takes to conduct future audits. Tabbed content and “copy and paste” features also save development, maintenance and auditing time. When an audit is complete, the software checks all report documents and generates a PDF report with one press of a button.

For more information or to schedule a demo of the software, visit or call 1-262- 898-9912.

About Fountain and Associates

Fountain & Associates, Inc. founder Phillip J. Fountain channeled more than 30 years of corporate aviation experience into the design and creation of the iIS-BAO Audit Protocol software. Fountain’s experience includes more than 16,000 hours of flight time in six different business aircraft and 10 years of IS-BAO auditing experience. Fountain and Associates is not affiliated with the IBAC or the IS-BAO protocol in any way.