Earning accreditation under the International Standard for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) is a mark of pride for business aviation flight departments around the globe as a demonstration of their adherence to the industry’s best practices, including use of an effective safety management system.

Given its significance to business aviation operations, IS-BAO is an understandably rigorous program that can be difficult to grasp at first. The AvAudit Audit Protocol makes this process simpler and more intuitive, seamlessly transferring IS-BAO requirements from the Excel format issued by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) to a far more user-friendly interface.

That begins with importing IBAC’s Initial Questionnaire and Cross-References into AvAudit, establishing a solid foundation on which operators may then begin the IS-BAO certification process. The operator’s responses to the questionnaire, detailing specific aspects of their operation, then determine which fields the operator will see in their IS-BAO audit report, and in turn the areas on which they’ll be critiqued by the auditor.

AvAudit complements this process with several useful features, including color-coding these fields for greater clarity and easier reference. Perhaps most importantly, AvAudit retains the responses provided by the operator and auditor, along with all the relevant cross-reference materials. When future IBAC releases are then uploaded to AvAudit, the software emulates the IS-BAO Excel file and highlights any new or revised protocols, while preserving all other data.

This means it is not necessary for the operator to reenter their information when IBAC protocol updates are issued. All that’s required of the operator is to maintain the changes, complete the Initial Questionnaire and Cross-Reference Excel forms and send these to their auditor before an upcoming audit – saving everyone time, while preserving the integrity of the IS-BAO process.

These are just some examples of how AvAudit is a critical tool for navigating IS-BAO, bringing a smarter approach to IS-BAO certification that saves time for both the operator and the auditor and allows both parties to focus on the areas relevant to the operation being audited.

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