Frequently Asked Questions2019-07-29T15:34:30-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the AvAudit software. If you do not find your question, or if you have a recommendation for improving the software, you can submit question or recommendation on the Contact Us page.

How does AvAudit interface between multiple company bases?2019-07-29T19:30:31-05:00

AvAudit is a cloud-based application and accessed by anyone with an assigned position, a Shortcut key, and credentials provided by the company. AvAudit uses standard database record sharing services between multiple users at the same time, so when a user moves off a field, it becomes available to others in the database.

AvAudit will need an administrator, usually the safety officer to assign positions and create audit records used to meet the needs of the flight departments safety program. Naming audit records for individual bases or department functions like training or changes since previous audits allow follow up on company activities.

How does AvAudit Work with the IS-BAO Excel auditing file?2019-07-29T19:29:54-05:00

Users can import content from their most recent ISBAO 2018 Protocols v1.0 Excel file into AvAudit which provides additional functionality in their SMS activities. Auditors can bring Initial Questionnaires and Cross-References into client audit records to save many hours in pre-audit preparation. Operators can also expand their SMS activities though the many features AvAudit offers.

How is AvAudit Structured?2019-07-29T00:15:38-05:00

Each organization will have a secure SSL connection to a proprietary copy of AvAudit in a cloud that does two backups per day. The server is backed up once a day to an off-sight location.

Accessing AvAudit is through FileMaker Pro Advanced using a shortcut key. Each AvAudit application is assigned an administrator who assigns positions to company personnel. All users will have credentials and a footprint of the devices stored within AvAudit. Access will not be allowed to those not recorded as an AvAudit user and the number of positions purchased exceeded. Each position is allowed one PC/MAC computer and one iPad.

How does the user type system work in AvAudit?2019-07-29T00:15:58-05:00

AvAudit has three user types: Operators, Auditors, and Service Providers, with each having its features. A significant advantage is that all three types are working with a standard system that provides the same information.

How is AvAudit used to Exchange information between user types?2019-07-29T00:16:51-05:00

All three user types can import ISBAO 2018 v1.0 Excel files.

  • Operators can export AvAudit Initial Questionnaires & Cross-references.
  • Auditors can Import AvAudit Initial Questionnaires & Cross-references.
  • Auditors can build an ISBAO v1.0 Excel from audits performed in AvAudit.
How does AvAudit handle findings2019-07-29T00:17:08-05:00

AvAudit follows the same logic as in the ISBAO Excel file, including appropriate color coding of the Doc. & Ref. Number and Evidence of Implementation fields.

What types of reports does AvAudit produce?2019-07-29T15:32:36-05:00
  • When the cross-reference contains content, the Cross Ref Report button is active for publication.
  • When the Initial Questionnaire is complete, the Audit Question Report button is available to create a PDF of questions relating to each requirement.
  • When the Initial Questionnaire, Cross-references, Operator Summary, and Audit Summary have completed, the PDF Report is available for all three user types and Auditors the Excel Report button is displayed.