Cross-Reference Once and Maintain

Cross-reference your Flight Operations Manual Once and Maintain with each Protocol Cycle. Until AvAudit came along cross-referencing has been a real pain. Now you can place them once and maintain with each protocol cycle. When the next cycle is published the previous cycles cross-reference is migrated into the new protocol. Then all you have to do [...]

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Paperless SMS With All the Bells and Whistles

AvAudit is a cloud-based SMS application for stakeholders within a flight department. Features include: Helicopter requirements can be included or excluded from the protocol Displaying only the New requirement for the current protocol cycle (new is defined as a new or reworded requirement).A PDF Report button checks all required fields before creating the report which includes [...]

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What’s New in 2015

Each year after downloading the IS-BAO documentation each user must comb through the protocol and figure out the changes for the current protocol. The iIS-BAO application flags each requirement that is either new or the wording has been changed since the last cycle. To clarify a new or changed requirement it's font is displayed in the [...]

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