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New AvAudit Feature Helps Auditors to Work as a Team

A new feature of the cloud-based AvAudit Audit Protocol allows the simple addition of a second auditor to help perform specific duties while auditing an operator’s compliance under the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). The recently added feature addresses a key request from auditors already using AvAudit to create, evaluate and audit corporate flight [...]

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From the Very First Step, AvAudit Brings a Smarter Approach to Completing an IS-BAO Audit

Earning accreditation under the International Standard for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) is a mark of pride for business aviation flight departments around the globe as a demonstration of their adherence to the industry's best practices, including use of an effective safety management system. Given its significance to business aviation operations, IS-BAO is an understandably rigorous program [...]

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With a User-Friendly Interface, AvAudit Assists Operators with IS-BAO Compliance

More than 700 operators around the globe have earned certification under the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) that since 2002 has represented the gold standard for recommended best practices for business aviation flight departments. However, the complexity of the IS-BAO review and approval process often serves to dissuade other operations from joining this elite [...]

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Rigorous Development and Testing Ensure AvAudit’s Robust Infrastructure and Ease of Operation

With so many new and innovative technologies available to help business aviation flight operations perform their duties, it’s imperative that developers take the time to ensure these solutions work right the first time, every time, right out of the gate. This is the mindset behind the AvAudit Audit Protocol. In development throughout the past decade, AvAudit [...]

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AvAudit SMS Software to Include IS-BAO 2018 Protocol Spreadsheet Transfer

The 2019 release of Fountain & Associates’ AvAudit Safety Management software now incorporates importing and exporting data in the new International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) 2018 V1.0 spreadsheet format. Corporate flight departments, auditors and service providers conducting internal or external safety management system (SMS) audits can now import data from an IS-BAO 2018 or other [...]

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Aircraft Maintenance System (AMS)

The Aircraft Maintenance System (AMS) provides the flight line and backshops maintenance execution, maintenance planning and management capabilities to maintain, operate and support aircraft in a safe, compliant and operational ready state to support the mission requirements. AMS integrates multiple maintenance management activities providing a consolidated centralized asset management tool. All aspects of maintenance are captured [...]

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Cross-Reference Once and Maintain

Cross-reference your Flight Operations Manual Once and Maintain with each Protocol Cycle. Until AvAudit came along cross-referencing has been a real pain. Now you can place them once and maintain with each protocol cycle. When the next cycle is published the previous cycles cross-reference is migrated into the new protocol. Then all you have to do [...]

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Is Your Accountable Executive a Wall Flower?

In years past, flight department Accountable Executives handled high level activities like department budgeting and the selling and purchasing of aircraft. The remaining flight department activities were left up to the professionals at the airport. As aviation Safety Management Systems mature, successful departments have encouraged the accountable executive to be more involved, from a high level, [...]

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AvAudit Application Simplifies SMS

The portability of having the AvAudit database application on the cloud allows all company stakeholders access anytime, anywhere. The 395 (2018) protocol requirements are displayed on the left side of the layout, with comments in the Comments & Questions tab, and supporting information located in the various tabs on the right. This efficient system provides easy [...]

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“Safety Space” A Need to Know Item in SMS

IS-BAO Requirement 3.1.2 S2a: Is there a safety policy that Includes a clear statement about providing necessary resources? The following, from ICAO Document 8959 Safety Management Manual, relates to this IS-BAO Requirement. 2.0 SAFETY MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS 2.7 THE MANAGEMENT DILEMMA Safety Space 2.7.2 In any organization engaged in the delivery of services, production and safety risks are linked. As [...]

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