Aviation Safety Auditors

Streamline the IS-BAO aviation safety audit process

The AvAudit software streamlines the audit process, saving auditors valuable time before, during and after each customer’s audit.

Before an Audit

Since the AvAudit software contains and maintains current IS-BAO requirements, auditors can use the AvAudit as an educational tool to learn and review the standards. The “Show New” feature allows the auditor to quickly find and review any new standards since the last protocol cycle.

The Auditors Base Information feature allows the auditor to establish a framework that includes the IS-BAO standards but then can be customized by the auditor to include with specific questions and notes that the auditor typically uses for any audit. The base information can then be copied into each operator’s audit record in preparation for an audit.

During an Audit

The AvAudit software organizes the standards in an easy to use format that allows auditors to step through each standard numerically or by section/requirement. The auditor can include or exclude standards that pertain only to helicopter operations.

If an operator also uses the AvAudit software and provided cross-references to their documentation, the auditor can import those cross-references to their AvAudit file for quick review of the operators’ flight operations manual, policies and procedures.

During the audit, the auditor can also use the Audit Question Groups feature to interview key personnel, bringing up standards pertaining to each role (executives, director of operations, director of maintenance, etc.).

Clicking the New Finding button allows the auditor to quickly create a finding related to the currently selected standard.

After an Audit

Once the audit is complete, the auditor simply clicks the PDF or Excel Report to create the final report. Documents are checked for completion before generating the PDF report.