What Is AvAudit?

Safety management and auditing capability in a cloud-based package.

The AvAudit Protocol software provides an all-in-one package bringing together:

  • Current IS-BAO standards and audit requirements
  • Supporting information such as regulations and advisory circulars
  • Operator-supplied cross references
  • Audit questions and findings

The multi-tab system organizes and files protocol requirements by IS-BAO elements, sections and subsections, saving corporate flight departments time when setting up and evaluating their SMS and streamlining the audit process. Flight departments can also use the iIS-BAO Audit Protocol software to train their personnel on safety management system (SMS) policies and procedures. A cloud-based application available on multiple platforms, iIS-BAO facilitates collaboration by allowing multiple users to view and update records while security protocols ensure records are not overwritten.


The cloud-based AvAudit Protocol software streamlines the SMS creation and audit process by linking IS-BAO requirements to supporting documentation. AvAudit features include:

  • Access to the current IS-BAO requirements plus related reference and guidance documents
  • Inclusion or exclusion of helicopter-specific standards
  • One-touch toggle showing all relevant standards or only new or changed requirements since last audit
  • Numerous tabs presenting requirement supporting documentation.
  • Filtering requirements by audit question groups (Executives, Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance, Chief Pilot, etc.)
  • Optional in-flight inspection forms
  • Audit findings linked to the related IS-BAO requirement for easy follow-up
  • Automated error check to discover incomplete fields before final report generation
  • Generation of the audit report, findings, and protocol forms into PDF format
  • Simultaneous access to files from iOS mobile devices, and Mac/PC laptops/desktops by multiple users in the same corporate account


Corporate flight departments and other operators can use the iIS-BAO Audit Protocol software to set up their SMS, perform gap analyses, and accomplish internal and external audits.


Auditors can use the AvAudit Audit Protocol software to perform and manage multiple IS-BAO audits. The auditor can set up individual operator records in preparing for and accomplishing audits.
The Auditors Base Information "template" contains questions and notations for audits. This record can then be copied into each customer's record and adjusted as needed.

A copy of the operator provided "Cross Reference" can be imported into the operators record.

Service Providers

Service providers can use the AvAudit Audit Protocol software to create and update IS-BAO audit training programs, customer manuals and perform customer gap analyses.


Security is a high priority for AvAudit developers and users. The AvAudit Audit Protocol software is a cloud-based system hosted on secure servers with independent logins, strict user controls, and daily backups. This secure system protects the time, data and funds you invest in your audits.