Aircraft Operators

Set up and maintain your safety management system (SMS)

Corporate flight departments and other operators will find that using AvAudit software saves valuable time and resources when:

  • Building and maintaining an SMS
  • Reviewing and updating the SMS to keep documentation, policies and procedures current with IS-BAO
  • Training personnel on safety procedures, understanding the SMS and developing a safety culture
  • Undergoing an SMS audit
  • Migrating to the next protocol cycle

AvAudit’s tabbed interface allows operators to organize their SMS documentation according to the IS-BAO standards and requirements. When building and maintaining an SMS, operators can copy and paste standards from AvAudit into their Flight Operations Manual and revise as needed.

Using Cross-References to Save Time During Audits

To prepare for an audit, the operator can add cross-references referencing the location of supporting information from the FOM to each requirement in AvAudit. These cross-references can then be exported to an Excel file and sent to the auditor, who then imports the cross-references into his AvAudit application.

This saves time during the audit since the auditor already has the supporting documentation needed for each IS-BAO requirement. The cross-references only need to be entered once and updated only when new requirements are introduced.