About AvAudit

The entire AvAudit process in one cloud-based application.

The AvAudit Protocol software packages the entire IS-BAO audit process into one cloud-based application that provides:

  • Modularized access to IS-BAO standards
  • Ability to include/exclude helicopter requirements from view
  • New or changed requirements from previous protocol cycle.
  • Options to create audit questions for various company roles (president, chief pilot, director of maintenance, etc.)
  • Optional in-flight inspection section
  • Areas to enter comments on findings and analysis for each requirement
  • Automated aggregation of findings and PDF report generation

The AvAudit Protocol software runs on a cloud-based platform with each customer accessing a secure, self-contained application managed from a FileMaker server. The software supports multiple users from the same company concurrently accessing their files from multiple devices without overwriting each other’s data. Users can access iIS-BAO data from most Windows, Mac OSX, and iOS devices.

About Fountain & Associates, Inc.

Fountain & Associates, Inc. founder Phillip J. Fountain channeled more than 30 years of corporate aviation experience into the design and creation of the iIS-BAO Audit Protocol software. Fountain’s experience includes more than 16,000 hours of flight time in six different business aircraft and 10 years of IS-BAO auditing experience.

When Fountain started consulting as an IS-BAO auditor in 2003, he looked for ways to streamline the SMS process. In the fall of 2012, Fountain & Associates began working on the iIS-BAO Audit Protocol cloud-based software concept to provide operators, auditors, and service providers one all-encompassing program for developing, maintaining and auditing an SMS. The iIS-BAO is now available on multiple software platforms, and the company continues to refine its development.

Strategic Partnership

DB Services has worked with Fountain & Associates, Inc. for almost a decade, building and continuing to improve upon AvAudit. DB Services is a Claris FileMaker Platinum Partner focused on software consulting and development and assisting organizations with digital transformations. They provide custom solutions and create long-term client relationships that add value to organizations.