About AvAudit

The entire AvAudit process in one cloud-based application.

The AvAudit Protocol software packages the entire IS-BAO audit process into one cloud-based application that provides:

  • Modularized access to IS-BAO standards
  • Ability to include/exclude helicopter requirements from view
  • New or changed requirements from previous protocol cycle.
  • Options to create audit questions for various company roles (president, chief pilot, director of maintenance, etc.)
  • Optional in-flight inspection section
  • Areas to enter comments on findings and analysis for each requirement
  • Automated aggregation of findings and PDF report generation

The AvAudit Protocol software runs on a cloud-based platform with each customer accessing a secure, self-contained application managed from a FileMaker server. The software supports multiple users from the same company concurrently accessing their files from multiple devices without overwriting each other’s data. Users can access iIS-BAO data from most Windows, Mac OSX, and iOS devices.

About Fountain & Associates, Inc.

Fountain & Associates, Inc. founder Phillip J. Fountain channeled more than 30 years of corporate aviation experience into the design and creation of the iIS-BAO Audit Protocol software. Fountain’s experience includes more than 16,000 hours of flight time in six different business aircraft and 10 years of IS-BAO auditing experience.

When Fountain started consulting as an IS-BAO auditor in 2003, he looked for ways to streamline the SMS process. In the fall of 2012, Fountain & Associates began working on the iIS-BAO Audit Protocol cloud-based software concept to provide operators, auditors, and service providers one all-encompassing program for developing, maintaining and auditing an SMS. The iIS-BAO is now available on multiple software platforms, and the company continues to refine its development.

About DB Services

As a FileMaker partner and founding member of the FileMaker Partner Council, DB Services has access to pre-released versions of the software and insight into the direction of the executives at FileMaker. DB Service leverages this knowledge to design and build systems that are aligned with the roadmap of the FileMaker platform and utilize the latest technologies to build systems that last.